In-Person and Online Professional Development

We at are pleased to help you network with Karen Hardin as an independent PK-6 math consultant. Karen is an excellent facilitator for Every Day Counts team planning sessions and online Every Day Counts fact fluency webinars. She also conducts valuable on-site professional development, including in-classroom modeling.

Throughout a 30+ year career as a teacher, district Elementary Math Specialist, and Gifted & Talented Specialist, Karen has presented at NCTM conferences and conducted workshops throughout the country. She often teamed with the late Patsy Kanter, helping PK-6 teachers make the most of Every Day Counts® Calendar Math and Partner Games, for which she is a contributing author.

If P.D. is on your To Do list to make the most of Every Day Counts, your teachers will appreciate Karen’s practical and collegial approach.

Contact Information:

Karen Hardin • KMH Educational Services, LLC in Spring, TX •